Weather Drone

1. Weather Drone is flexible and maneuverable.
2. Weather Drone can transmit data in real time.
3. Weather Drone can shoot at high altitudes and has excellent observation capabilities.

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Product introduction of Weather Drone:

The Weather Detection Drone is an unmanned aerial system used to collect atmospheric environment data. The Weather Monitoring Drone is equipped with various weather sensors, such as temperature and humidity, air pressure, wind speed, and wind direction sensors, etc., to monitor and record weather parameters in real time. The Drone Weather Sensor we collected and developed can fly to higher altitudes and even enter dangerous or hard-to-reach areas to obtain more accurate weather data. The main task of the Weather Detection Drone we produce is to collect and transmit weather data for use in weather forecasting, climate research, environmental monitoring, and other fields. Compared to traditional weather observation methods such as weather balloons and ground observation stations, the Weather Monitoring Drone has multiple advantages.

Weather Detection Drone

Product advantages of Weather Drone:

1. Flexibility and maneuverability: This Weather Detection Drone can fly in different weather conditions, including severe weather environments. The Weather Detection Drone can fly in small spaces and enter areas that traditional weather equipment cannot reach, such as mountains, forests, and oceans. This flexibility and maneuverability allow drones to obtain more comprehensive and accurate weather data.

2. Real-time data transmission: Weather Monitoring Drone can transmit data in real time through wireless communication technology, and quickly transmit the acquired weather data to the ground station or meteorological center. This real-time data transmission capability enables weather forecasters to obtain the latest weather information in a timely manner and make accurate weather forecasts and disaster warnings.

3. Efficiency and economy: Compared with traditional weather observation methods, Drone Weather Sensor has higher efficiency and economy. Drone Weather Sensor can complete a wide range of observation tasks in a short period of time, reducing manpower and time costs.

4. Diversified application fields: Weather Detection Drone can not only be used for weather forecasting and meteorological monitoring, but also can be used in disaster monitoring and rescue, agricultural production management, environmental protection and other fields. The versatility of drones makes them an all-round weather tool capable of meeting the needs of different application areas.

Weather Monitoring Drone


Shenyang Linghang Aviation Science & Technology Co., Ltd. The self-designed container is strong, safe, simple and beautiful, and can effectively protect the UAV in the container.

Drone Weather Sensor

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