Pesticide Spraying Drone

1. Pesticide Spraying Drone can spray pesticides quickly.
2. Pesticide Spraying Drone can accurately control the pesticide spraying range.
3. Pesticide Spraying Drone is safe and environmentally friendly.

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Product introduction of Pesticide Spraying Drone:

The Pesticide Spraying Drone is a method of spraying pesticides on farmland using Agricultural Drone technology. Drone Pesticide Spraying uses drones equipped with pesticide spraying equipment to accurately spray pesticides through aerial flight for the control of crop diseases and pests. Agricultural operators are able to use the flight control system to plan the flight path of Drone Pesticide Spraying based on the shape and size of the field. By installing pesticide spray equipment on the Agricultural Drone, including spray tanks and sprayers. The pesticide spraying equipment can adjust the concentration and spray volume of pesticides as needed. Before launching the Agricultural Drone, the operator will conduct a pre-flight inspection to ensure that the aircraft is in good condition. Use the remote control or the preset automatic flight path to control the Drone Pesticide Spraying to fly according to the planned path. During the flight, the Pesticide Spraying Drone will accurately spray pesticides according to pre-set spraying parameters and flight path. Sprinklers can spray pesticides evenly on farmland through nozzles or spray devices to cover the crop surface and surrounding areas.

Drone Pesticide Spraying

Product advantages of Pesticide Spraying Drone:

1. Efficient and fast: Pesticide Spraying Drone can quickly cover large areas of farmland, greatly improving pesticide spraying efficiency and saving manpower and time.

2. Precise spraying: Agricultural Drone can achieve precise pesticide spraying through its equipped spraying equipment and precise flight control system, avoiding excessive or insufficient spraying and improving the control effect.

3. Safety and environmental protection: Compared with traditional manual spraying, Drone Pesticide Spraying can avoid direct contact of pesticides to the human body and reduce pesticide residues and environmental pollution.

4. Data management: Agricultural Drone can be equipped with various sensors and monitoring equipment to collect farmland growth conditions and pest and disease information in real time, providing data support for precise crop management.

Agricultural Drone

Team introduction

The company's core technical team has more than 10 years of product development, production and application experience in flight control systems, software platform development, UAV and civil aircraft design, composite material production, industry application system solutions and other technical fields, and has been deeply involved in the R & D, design and manufacture of national ARJ regional airliners, C919 and C929 commercial aircraft. And participate in the Canadian Bombardier C series, Q400, MA700 and other commercial aircraft technology research and development and manufacturing, has a large number of professional technical reserves and industry UAV commercial application cases.

Pesticide Spraying Drone

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