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Shenyang Linghang Aviation Science&Technonlogy Co., Ltd. (" LHTechUAV") was established on March 20, 2018 in Sanhao Street, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. It is located in one of the first ten special commercial streets in China, which is a distribution center for computer and IT products in Liaoning Province and the whole Northeast region. The company focuses on the application of UAVs, unmanned aerial equipment, light sport aircraft and other low-altitude aerial vehicles and their components composite materials research and development, production and sales, for general aviation equipment, military and civilian unmanned aerial equipment to provide one-stop R & D, design, manufacturing, technical support, etc. to provide a full range of system solutions.

Hot Products

30X 3-axis Dual Camera
30X 3-axis Dual Camera

1.The 30X 3-axis Dual Camera has a high zoom capability.
2.30X 3-axis Dual Camera with Optical Zoom Range.
3. The 30X 3-axis Dual Camera is equipped with a high-definition sensor and image processing chip.

180A-12S Electronic Governor
180A-12S Electronic Governor

1. 180A-12S Electronic Governor is easy to install and set up, and hassle-free operation.
2. The durable structure of 180A-12S Electronic Governor can be used for a long time in various weather conditions.
3. The compact and lightweight design of 180A-12S Electronic Governor minimizes the interference to flight performance.

22L Agriculture Drone
22L Agriculture Drone

1. The 22L plant protection drone has a solid structure and is more suitable for agricultural operations.
2. The landing gear of the 22L agricultural drone is made of solid aluminum alloy, which has high strength and good shock resistance.
3. The body of the 22L plant protection drone is made of carbon fiber to enhance strength and reduce weight.

120kg Electric Hexacopter Uav
120kg Electric Hexacopter Uav

1. Multi rotor drone is practical and efficient: with a maximum load capacity of 120kg, it can carry cameras, pods and other security, police and inspection fields;
2. Vertical take-off and landing: the take-off and landing site is small, and the multi rotor drone has strong environmental applicability;
3. The use cost of multi rotor drone is low: it is equipped with a high-voltage lithium battery with a lifespan of 500 charges and discharges as standard, and there is no additional use cost;

15kg Electric Vertical Lift Fixed Wing (VTOL) Drone
15kg Electric Vertical Lift Fixed Wing (VTOL) Drone

1. The 15kg Electric Vertical Lift Fixed Wing (VTOL) Drone has two flight modes with high safety.
2. The 15kg Electric Vertical Lift Fixed Wing (VTOL) Drone is highly practical and has the advantages of both models.
3. The 15kg Electric Vertical Lift Fixed Wing (VTOL) Drone can greatly reduce the requirements for the site.