Logistics express drone

1. The timeliness of Logistics express drone is high.
2. The Logistics express drone has various control methods.
3. Logistics express drone has high safety performance.

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Product introduction of logistics express drone:

Logistics delivery drones are an important field within the drone industry. However, drones are used in the logistics industry to help humans deliver express packages and deliver supplies in emergency rescue missions. The use of logistics express drones is an emerging drone operation technology and new service method. The use of drones for logistics and express delivery can provide fast and efficient logistics and express delivery services. This logistics express drone uses a hard composite material shell to ensure the service life of the drone body. This logistics express drone has a multi-rotor drone structure, which can support it to complete logistics and distribution tasks regardless of its flight speed, load capacity or dependence on the environment. Due to the particularity of its application, this drone has multiple operating modes and can be equipped with a camera system. Whether in terms of safety, timeliness or maneuverability, logistics express drones have great advantages.

Express delivery drone

Product advantages of logistics express drones:

1. Logistics express drones have fast timeliness and can achieve rapid responses, whether during mission execution or during flight. Improve overall timeliness.

2. There are various control methods for logistics express drones. Due to the particularity of logistics, this drone can achieve long-distance control, including remote control, mobile APP, program setting, etc. If you purchase this product, you can do it however you want it to be rare.

3. Logistics drones have high safety performance because they need to transport items. Therefore, when designing, we have enhanced its performance, flight stability, obstacle avoidance function, etc., so as to reduce the risk of accidents.

4. Logistics drones are cost-effective. Among drones in the same price range, our drones are more durable, easy to maintain, and easy to maintain.

5. The application of logistics express drones can avoid the restrictions of traffic and road congestion, fly in the air, quickly complete the delivery work, and reduce efficiency and cost.

Delivery delivery drone


About 15 days after the order is issued and can be delivered, sealed container transportation.Shenyang Linghang Aviation Science & Technology Co., Ltd. The self-designed container is strong, safe, simple, and beautiful, and can effectively protecting the UAV within the container .

Large load express delivery drone

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