30X 3-axis Dual Camera

1.The 30X 3-axis Dual Camera has a high zoom capability.
2.30X 3-axis Dual Camera with Optical Zoom Range.
3. The 30X 3-axis Dual Camera is equipped with a high-definition sensor and image processing chip.

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Introduction of 30X 3-axis Dual Camera:

PT130D three-axis dual-light pod integrates a 30x optical zoom 1080P full HD visible light camera, a 640×512 high-resolution infrared camera, and a three-axis high-stable precision platform frame, seamlessly switching between day and night work, and is an industry-level The excellent completion of tasks such as inspection, security and search and rescue by drones provides professional and reliable capability support. Images can be collected from a distance.The 3-axis Camera is a camera with high zoom capabilities that can achieve 30x optical zoom and digital zoom. Drone Camera uses three-axis stabilization technology, which can effectively offset hand shake during shooting and keep the picture stable. The 3-axis dual gimbal pod's wide optical zoom range enables shooting from wide angles to long distance details. At the same time, it also has an autofocus function that can adjust in real time according to the distance and movement of the subject, ensuring that the captured images are clear and sharp.

3-axis dual gimbal pod

Advantages of 30X three-axis dual cameras:

• See distances and gain insight into targets at a glance

The 3-axis dual gimbal pod uses an excellent 30x visible light camera, the image is stable and clear, as if you are close at hand.

• Nowhere to hide in the dark night, temperature sensitive

The 3-axis camera has sensitive infrared thermal imaging, which can detect subtle targets at night, and the temperature detection is intuitive and accurate.

• All-round target tracking, stable and reliable

Drone Camera has excellent high-precision inertia, able to stabilize the platform, 360° continuous without obstruction, visible light and infrared dual-channel target tracking.

• Military-grade environmental adaptability

The 3-axis dual gimbal pod uses military alloy components and industrial-grade devices, which are suitable for various harsh industrial application environments.

• Small size, light weight and powerful function

The 3-axis Camera adopts an integrated design, making products of the same level smaller, lighter and more powerful.

• Rich interfaces and strong compatibility

Drone Camera communication supports RS422, RS232, PWM, S.BUS, and video supports HDMI, SDI, synchronous 422, and network.

3-axis Camera

The main specifications of 30X 3-axis Dual Camera:



Infrared camera

detector type

uncooled focal plane

Detector resolution


lens focal length

25mm (35mm optional)

Field of view

17.5°×14° (±5%)

False color

8 types

digital zoom

×2, ×4

Temperature range

-20°C~150°C (temperature measuring version)

Temperature measurement accuracy

±2K or 2% (temperature measurement version)

image storage

Full temperature data (temperature measurement version)

video storage

Full temperature data (temperature measurement version)

Visible light camera



lens focal length


Horizontal field of view


Optical zoom

30 times auto focus

Servo platform

Azimuth angle


Pitch angle


roll corner


System parameters

Image tracking

Automatically track selected targets

supply voltage

DC +20V~+36V


Stable power consumption: ≤20W






control interface


video interface

HDMI/SDI/synchronous 422/100M network

storage interface

Mini SD card/32G

Environmental adaptability

Operating temperature

-20°C~+55°C (-40°C optional)

storage temperature


degree of protection

flyable in light rain

Drone Camera

Freight Delivery :

Shenyang Linghang Aviation Science&Technonlogy Co., Ltd. The self-designed container is strong, safe, simple and beautiful, and can effectively protect the UAV in the container.

3-axis dual gimbal pod

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