30x Zoom Visible Light 3 Axis Gimbal Pod

1. 30x Zoom Visible Light 3 Axis Gimbal Pod can shoot smooth and stable images.
2. The 30x Zoom Visible Light 3 Axis Gimbal Pod is compact and easy to carry.
3. The lightweight design adopted by the 30x Zoom Visible Light 3 Axis Gimbal Pod ensures portability.

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Introduction of 30x Zoom Visible Light 3 Axis Gimbal Pod:

Q30T pro—Il is a high-precision three-axis stabilization pod with a 30x zoom Sony starlight camera. 30x optical zoom camera supports visible light zoom, photo and video recording, and target tracking functions. When there is GPS and time input from the outside, the OSD on the screen can display angle, multiple, GPS and real-time time, tracking frame, and you can also choose to turn off the OSD display. The visible light focusing speed of the pod is extremely fast, the structure is compact, and the overall weight is light. The 30x optical zoom camera can achieve three directions of stabilization in horizontal, rolling and pitching. It adopts the integrated design of shock absorption and gimbal, which can greatly reduce mechanical vibration. It is widely used in public security, electric power, fire protection, zoom aerial photography and other industries. machine application.

30x zoom gimbal

Pros of 30x Zoom Visible Light 3 Axis Gimbal Pod:

1. Optical zoom 3-axis gimbal camera has 30 times optical zoom;

2. The 30x optical zoom camera can rotate 360°;

3. Three-axis stabilized gimbal;

4. The 30x zoom gimbal has a tracking and identification system.

Optical zoom 3-axis gimbal camera

Specifications of 30x Zoom Visible Light 3 Axis Gimbal Pod:

Overall parameters


109.7*127*184mm (regular version) 109.7*127*189.7mm (Quick Release)


847g (regular version) /885g (quick release version)

Input voltage


Operating Voltage


Static working current

550mA@ 12V

Working temperature


PTZ parameters

Angular jitter


installation method


Control rotation range

Heading: ±290°/±360⁸*N (only network/SDI version) Pitch: -45°~90°

Structural Design Scope

Heading: ±300 / ±360*N (only network/SDI version) Roll: ±45°, Pitch: -60°~130*

Maximum control speed

Heading: 300%/s, Pitch: 300*/s

Camera parameters

Image Sensor

1/2.8 inch Exmor R CMOS

Image sensor (effective pixel count)

About 2.13 million pixels

HDMI output

1080p/59.94,1080p/50, 1080p/29.97,1080p/25

Minimum illumination (50%)

High sensitivity mode color: 0.01lx (F1.6, automatic gain control on, 1/30 second)

normal mode

Color: 0.1lx (F1.6, automatic gain control on, 1/30 second)

Recommended illuminance



Above 50dB


Auto/Manual (0 step to 28 steps, +2 steps/total 15 steps)

maximum gain limit

6 steps to 28 steps, +2 steps/total 12 steps

Shutter speed

1/1 second to 1/10,000 second, 22 steps

synchronization system


exposure control

Auto, Manual, Priority Mode (Shutter Priority & Aperture Priority), Brightness, EV Compensation, Slow AE





Hole distance control

16 steps

white balance

Auto, Auto Tracking White Balance, Indoor, Outdoor, Outdoor Auto, Sodium Lamp (Fixed/Auto/Outdoor Auto), One Button, Manual


30x optical zoom, f=4,3mm (wide-angle end) to 129.0mm (tele end), F1.6 to F4.7

digital zoom

12x (360x with optical zoom)

focus system

Auto (sensitivity: normal, low), one-key auto focus, manual, interval auto focus, zoom trigger auto focus, focus compensation when CR mode is on

Viewing angle (horizontal)

1080p mode 63.7* (wide-angle end) to 2.3* (tele end)

Minimum object distance

10mm (wide end) to 1200mm (tele end) (Default: 300mm)

Automatic ICR


noise reduction

Yes (6 steps)

progressive scan mode


image stabilizer


image effects

Electronic flip, negative film, black and white, mirror image, color enhancement



Track Performance Parameters

Bias Pixel Update Rate


Deviated Pixel Output Delay


Minimum Target Contrast


Minimum SNR


Minimum target size

32*32 pixels

Maximum target size

128*128 pixels

tracking speed

32 pixels/frame

target memory time

100 frames (4s)

RMS value of the noise at the target location

<0.5 pixels

30x optical zoom camera

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30x zoom gimbal

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