10X 3-axis Dual Camera

1. 10X 3-axis Dual Camera can provide clear images.
2. The 10X 3-axis Dual Camera has an anti-shake function to ensure stable images under windy conditions.
3. The 10X 3-axis Dual Camera adopts a foldable and portable design for easy transportation.

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Introduction of 10X 3-axis dual camera:

A10T is a 539G light weight, small size, and compact dual-sensor gimbal pod. The drone infrared camera integrates a 10x optical zoom camera and a 640*512 thermal imaging camera with a 19mm lens. The drone infrared camera adopts a three-axis high-precision universal joint, which has the advantages of good metal texture, anti-interference, and good heat dissipation. It integrates an artificial intelligence object recognition and tracking module, which can realize automatic recognition and tracking of cars and people, and is widely used in industrial applications such as inspection, monitoring, search and rescue in the drone industry.

Features of Infrared dual light 3-axis gimbal pod:

1. Infrared 3-axis gimbal pod is 10x optical zoom;

2. Infrared 3-axis gimbal pod is a high-resolution 640*512 infrared camera;

3. Infrared 3-axis gimbal pod has a quick disassembly design;

4. Infrared 3-axis gimbal pod can be tracked and identified by AI.

drone infrared camera

Main specifications of Infrared dual light 3-axis gimbal pod:

Basic parameters

Input voltage


Working current


Operating temperature


Video output

HDMI(1080P 30fps/60fps)/IP (1080p25fps/30fps)

Output format


Control method






Maximum storage capacity


Rotation range

Heading: ±300°/±360°*N Pitch: -45°~90

Polarization angle

Pitch/Roll: ±0.02°, Yaw Angle: ±0.02°

visible light


1/3 Panasonic CMOS

Effective Pixels

2.48 million pixels


10X optical, 32X digital

white balance



automatic / manual

Shutter speed

1/30(25)~1/30000 second

focal length range

f =5.1mm~51mm

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Focal length


Sensor pixel


Digital zoom


Operating mode

Uncooled long wave (8μm~14μm) thermal imager


White hot, color hot, black hot

Field of view

Horizontal: 22.9° Vertical: 18.4°

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Infrared dual light 3-axis gimbal pod

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