120kg Electric Hexacopter Uav

1. Multi rotor drone is practical and efficient: with a maximum load capacity of 120kg, it can carry cameras, pods and other security, police and inspection fields;
2. Vertical take-off and landing: the take-off and landing site is small, and the multi rotor drone has strong environmental applicability;
3. The use cost of multi rotor drone is low: it is equipped with a high-voltage lithium battery with a lifespan of 500 charges and discharges as standard, and there is no additional use cost;

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120kg Electric Hexacopter Uav Drone Introduction:

The XH120E UAV platform is a large-load, long-endurance pure electric six-rotor UAV system independently developed by our company. The electrify drone uses an all-electric power system and is environmentally friendly. The multi rotor drone can carry some payload equipment to achieve aerial photography, aerial delivery and other tasks. The electrify drone adopts an advanced appearance design, the overall fuselage is streamlined, and has a six-rotor layout. The body of the multi rotor drone is made of high-strength composite materials, which is lightweight, strong and durable. The overall design is simple and elegant, and the appearance is fashionable and beautiful. The hexacopter drone adopts multiple safety protection measures to ensure safety during flight. The drone is equipped with a GPS navigation system and an inertial navigation system, enabling precise positioning and navigation. 120kg Electric Hexacopter Uav is a powerful, stable, safe and reliable drone product.

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Product advantages of 120kg Electric Hexacopter Uav:

1. electrify drone has strong load capacity: Electric six-rotor drones can carry more cargo or equipment. Can be used to transport medical supplies to remote areas.

2. Multi rotor drone can fly for a long time: Electric six-rotor drones are usually equipped with high-capacity batteries, which can provide longer flight time and perform more tasks.

3. The hexacopter drone can achieve a high degree of automation: it is equipped with an advanced automation system, including functions such as automatic take-off and landing, autonomous flight and automatic obstacle avoidance.

4. Versatility: Electric hexacopter drones can be configured and modified according to different needs to adapt to different application scenarios.

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Specifications of 120kg Electric Hexacopter Uav:



Number of rotors


Symmetrical wheelbase


Expanded size (without propellers)

2700*2700*900mm (length*width*height)

folded size

1200*1200*900mm (length*width*height)

maximum take-off weight


maximum payload


Empty weight (without batteries)


Power battery weight


Working frequency


No-load battery life

45min (500 meters above sea level)

full flight time

26min (500 meters above sea level)

climb speed


maximum descent speed


Maximum level flight speed


Maximum flight altitude


IP protection level


Working temperature

-20°C to 50°C

Maximum wind resistance

15m/s (level 7 wind)

Dimensions of the transport box

1200*1200*1000mm (length*width*height)

mount fire extinguisher

F-K10 throwing fire extinguishing bomb * 3


Customizable mount interface

Shipping weight (including flight case)


About us :

Shenyang Linghang Aviation Science&Technonlogy Co., Ltd. (" LHTechUAV") was established on March 20, 2018 in Sanhao Street, Heping District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. It is located in one of the first ten special commercial streets in China, which is a distribution center for computer and IT products in Liaoning Province and the whole Northeast region. The company focuses on the application of UAVs, unmanned aerial equipment, light sport aircraft and other low-altitude aerial vehicles and their components composite materials research and development, production and sales, for general aviation equipment, military and civilian unmanned aerial equipment to provide one-stop R & D, design, manufacturing, technical support, etc. to provide a full range of system solutions.

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