22L Agriculture Drone

1. The 22L plant protection drone has a solid structure and is more suitable for agricultural operations.
2. The landing gear of the 22L agricultural drone is made of solid aluminum alloy, which has high strength and good shock resistance.
3. The body of the 22L plant protection drone is made of carbon fiber to enhance strength and reduce weight.

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Product introduction of 22L plant protection drone:

As its name implies, spraying agricultural drones is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. The UAV is composed of three parts: a flight platform (fixed wing, single rotor, multi-rotor), GPS flight control, and spray mechanism. The spraying operation is realized through ground remote control or GPS flight control, which can spray chemicals, seeds, powders and so on. The drone system for agriculture has a payload of 22l and can spray pesticides, so this product is also called farming spray drone. Spraying agricultural drones can accurately eliminate pests and diseases and improve crop quality and yield. Big drone for agriculture can help farmers detect farmland and check the growth status of crops through infrared systems.

farming spray dronedrone system for agriculture

22L plant protection drone product advantages:

1. The farming spray drone arms adopt a staggered folding method to maximize the size of the folded machine and facilitate transportation.

2. The body frame of the drone system for agriculture adopts an integrated structure that is compact, high-strength, durable, and reliable.

3. The dustproof and waterproof grade of big drone for agriculture reaches IP65. It can be rinsed with water directly.

4. The 22L Agriculture Drone can comprehensively sense obstacles and the surrounding environment. It has a new ground-like radar system, millimeter wave ranging and height determination, and can adapt to all farmland terrains, including complex and changeable mountains and hills.spraying agricultural drones

Specification parameters of 22L Agriculture Drone:




Unfold size

1000 x 1000 x 600mm

1920 x 1680 x 600mm

Folding size

620 x 620 x 600mm

1160x 1080 x 600mm

Texture of material

Carbon fiber / nylon fiber / aluminum composite

Carbon fiber / nylon fiber / aluminum composite




Arm diameter

37 x 40mm

37 x 40mm







FC system

K++ / V7-AG

K++ / V7-AG

Dynamic system

T15 / X9 plus

T10 / X9


36 in.

34 in.

Spraying system

8L pressure drop nozzle

8L pressure drop nozzle

Radar installation

Front obstacle avoidance / rear obstacle avoidance / imitation

Front obstacle avoidance / rear obstacle avoidance / imitation

lithium battery

14S 20000mAh

14S 20000mAh

Overall weight



farming spray drone

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drone system for agriculture

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